Our philosophy

We have chosen this place and this job for the following reasons:

  • we believe we can offer our guests a place where everyone can mature opportunities for personal growth, in the freedom of the path that everyone can choose.
  • we hope that the growth of a person, cultural or spiritual, can boost the evolution of humanity, sharing the good each person, each experience, each tradition or discipline can bring (provided it is inspired by cultural and political models free from conditioning and oppressiion).

This is the reason why, even in the organization of our work,  we do our best to keep away from all those models of behavior  in today’s society that degrade and exploit the person, such as the prevailing of image on substance, the consumerist spirit, the myth of success at each cost, which often results in exasperated competitiveness. We are against all forms of violence, against the right of the strongest on the weak, against all forms of racism and discrimination. We promote a culture of responsibility towards nature and the environment, aware that the goods and resources of this world belong to all those who live there including  future generations. In our daily actions and choices, we try to live consistently our ethical choices.

We strongly believe that a proper diet is at the basis of well-being, so we carefully choose the ingredients of our dishes: seasonal vegetables and fruit, possibly a short and organic supply chain. We season our dishes with our cold-pressed organic Extra Vergin Oil (EVO), and enrich them with the fragrance of aromatic herbs that grow luxuriantly in our fields. We pay great attention to the alternation and to the combination of the ingredients. Our cuisine is basically vegetarian, of Mediterranean inspiration, but on request we are able to cook rich vegan dishes and of course all the traditional dishes of Tuscan and Italian cuisine.